Sonntag, 4. Juni 2017

Treasures ✨

When I was around 14 years old, so 7 years ago (oh gosh time is honestly flying by like crazy haha) I liked to have all sorts of especially earrings and necklaces. Stars, rainbow colored pearls, flowers whatsoever. What mattered was that it would go with my shirt or outfit in general. And looking back at it I think it's a cute and funny memory of going and growing through different stages in life. Today and right now I'm definitely in a different stage. A stage where I appreciate having something with a meaning and something I'm not gonna take off whether I'm at the lake, in uni or sleeping. You can also call me lazy haha but also patient as I was waiting around 6 weeks for this precious little magical necklace making its way from the other side of the world to me. This post isn't sponsored or anything I just want to share it with you and also show you that sometimes less is more. I found minimalism in life not only helpful for you but also our environment. It makes you appreciate something ten times more💎✨
YCL Jewels makes ethically and cruelty-free jewelry which is something I love to support and if my future husband is reading this ... they make beautiful wedding rings as well haha.

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