Samstag, 11. Februar 2017


Because it's winter in Germany and also just because it's Germany it's pretty hard (well more likely impossible) to find a place where I could buy an acai bowl. But fortunately it's super easy to make one at home. I simply mixed together two frozen bananas, some frozen raspberries, about a teaspoon of acai powder and some water and then I topped it with some fruits, chia seeds and agave nectar as a sweetener. But what actually made it even better tasting was that I could enjoy it out of a coconut shell bowl! It's not only looking really nice but the fact that it's something so sustainable makes me really happy and made me want to share it on here with you guys. Sometimes it doesn't need much to live a little bit more conscious and every little step counts :)

Here's where I got my beloved coconut shell bowls from CLICK
Also check out their Instagram: @koko.andco