Sonntag, 19. Juni 2016

A Weekend in Beautiful Amsterdam!

For everyone of you who has already been in Amsterdam will probably know that Amsterdam is such a beautiful city. And even though it's not even that far away I've never been there so my sister and I finally decided to go to Amsterdam for a weekend. For me the best part was just walking through the streets and realizing how beautiful the scenery looks with it's many channels, boats, lovely buildings, bikes and flowers. You pass so many cute cafés and little shops that it's just amazing to walk around there. And I'll promise you that you'll stop every ten meters to take another photo!! 

If you wonder what else you can do in Amsterdam. There are free ferries from the Central Station going to other parts of Amsterdam or you can visit one or multiple of the museums. We've been to the Moco Museum. The current Banksy and Warhol exhibition was really nice! Other than that I can recommend visiting some of the markets, having a picnic in a park or doing a boats tour!

The cheapest way to make this stay possible was to take a bus there (from Germany) and to stay at an Airbnb, which you might want to keep in mind are a lot more expensive on the weekend than during the week!

Have you even been to Amsterdam? And if so what was your favorite thing about the city?