Dienstag, 1. November 2016

October 2016 #gratitudejournal

Today is the 1st of November and I'm excited for a new month (and for christmas to get closer hehe). But I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to capture and talk about some special moments of last month and I think it would be kind of nice to continue doing this every month ahead of me because I'm sure it would be great to look back at it in a few years or even just in one year time.

So October was actually a new start in so many ways and especially because I started my university course which was really exciting. I met new people, attended my first lectures where I wasn't 100% sure what to expect and I did also spend more lunch hours in the crowded cafeteria again which I kind of missed haha I'm grateful for the decision I made to change uni courses and that I finally feel I enjoy what I'm doing. And apart from uni I also had lovely autumnal days walking through parks, going to the movies, dressing up for halloween, meeting new people through work, stumbling across new songs I fell in love with, going to the market, donating blood for the first time, seeing my babysitting girl turn 2 and having my morning coffee before bundling up to go outside.

What has been a special moment for you in October?


  1. oh wow sounds amazing! My october wasn't so speacial like yours was, but in a way I also really enjoyed october, I love the walks next so so pretty autumn colours and stuff like that. Have a nice evening!
    Love, Sally-Anne

  2. I'm so excited too for Christmas ... I love this season...great pics. Have a nice evening, xo Julia http://fashionblonde.de

  3. Your blog is very nice and I am following you.
    I hope you will follow back - it is fun to
    support new bloggers!
    Best wishes, Mimi

  4. kann mich noch gut an meinen Studienbeginn erinnern - das war sehr hart, aber irgendwann war ich voll und ganz drin :)
    viel Erfog und Spaß,
    ❤ Tina

  5. Ich habe vor allem die Momente mit meiner besten Freundin genossen :)
    Liebe Grüße,